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With Carlos Harleaux
Friday, January 30, 2015 4:33 PM

Phoenix White: Beautiful Survivor (Interview - Part 2)

By: Carlos Harleaux

*****Check out Part 1 of my exclusive interview with Phoenix White HERE****

Phoenix White may be one of the 24 ladies vying to win the heart of real estate developer and eligible bachelor Shawn Bullard, on WeTV's new reality dating show Match Made In Heaven. But if you think she's just a pretty face with no substance, think again. In fact, her own story is so compelling, she could easily have her own reality show. She's truly a woman on the move balancing motherhood, acting, singing, writing (get her new book, Redifining Strong), producing, photography, philanthropy and directing. In short, she can do it all. I got a chance to catch up with Phoenix and talk to her about her role on Match Made In Heaven, her personal journey and struggles, dating and who she really is when the cameras are off. Here's Part 2 of our interview. Click the link above to read Part 1. 

·        What makes you the perfect match and a standout from the other 23 women on the show?

I was the oldest in the house. I was kind of like the momma. Giving people kisses at night. Everybody came to me talk about their problems. They were calling me Iyanla. Since some of them were younger than me, at times I had to let them have it though. But I’m sexy. Also reserved. A little flirty, but classy. I went into this experience being whole. A lot of people go into relationships looking for someone to feel their brokenness. You can only fill pain with more pain. You just attract it. That’s how it works.

·        I noticed Pastor Ken is involved with the show as well, which is different. What else would you say makes this show unique from the other reality dating shows out right now?

The obvious is it’s an African American bachelor. It’s nothing like Flavor Flav or Ray J’s show. It does get a little ratchet at times. You need that for a show though. The dates are so glamorous and high class. Pastor Ken was kind of like the daddy. But I don’t look at everything from a religious perspective, whereas he did most times. There weren’t many deep conversations in the house. But he and I had a few bumps, and I went all in.

·        If you had to pick 5 things that are non-negotiable for dating a man, what would they be?

Hmmm, that’s a really good question. I’ve never been asked that before. Honesty. If you’re not honest, I get turned off so fast. I love beautiful teeth and a smile. Smart. Guys that can challenge me to grow. Someone that believes in something greater than themselves. Those would be my 5.

·        What is your take on women and how they are portrayed on reality TV shows?

I felt a responsibility as a black woman. You’ll see I broke up a few fights on these show. Every-time I see a black show with women, they’re fighting and hitting each other below the belt. I’m not big on tearing other women down. Being on these shows, this is an open door to other opportunities. You have walk through and utilize it as a train to go wherever you want to go. It’s sad, but people get typecast as being ratchet and that’s all people will want from them. But there are sometimes when you’re nice; yet people think you’re a punk and you have to let them know you’re not.

·        What’s one thing you love to do when the cameras are off, just at home, quiet time?

I love sitting in the bath tub with meditation music, candles, a nice lavender smell and sit there for hours. I try to take at least my dinner time to separate it from work and watch a movie to decompress or a tv show. I literally watched 2 whole seasons of Orange Is The New Black during Christmas. I love that show.

·        What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever received?

I haven’t really had a bad one here recently.

·        If you could pick one song to describe your life and who you are, which one would you pick?

Whitney Houston’s “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” When you go through a lot of things, you want to give up. But that song is about not realizing how strong you truly are and coming out on the other side. That would be it for me.

What’s one thing you want to leave for you fans as a word of advice?

Be fearless and go after what you want. Figure it out, and make it happen.