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Thursday, December 07, 2017 4:48 PM

Ditch the Club, Party as a Food Judge!

By: You People Reviews

The Cut

The Chew Showdown

By: Alondria Green

Flaming Hot Cheetos, Ramen Noodles, and your fav childhood cereal, how could you possibly transform these "struggle foods" into a scrumptious spread. Dalila w/ CW33 (@StarvingonaBudget) and the ‘True Artist Brand’(@TrueartistRhiMack) joined forces to present the ultimate chef showdown, ‘The Cut’! Three chefs revamp what some would say are college "go-tos", into a 3-course round of delectable dishes.


The You People Reviews team and the other guest judges were presented tasters course by course. As we indulged in the dishes we jotted down our scores and comments of each dish to make a choice on our overall favorite. The Chefs responsible for carrying out this seemingly difficult task are Chef Tavon (@ChefTavonBurrow), Chef Traci (@TheMooreEffect), and Chef Jeremy (@Jimstone1911).


The Set-up

Before I get into how surprisingly innovative those meals were, who doesn’t enjoy a soundtrack to eat to? It was a super cool setting with a 90’s bounce, issa vibe. I couldn’t expect any other atmosphere from this super low-key joint called ‘The Upper Underground.’ If you’re like me, when you hear the name of this place you think of the original underground Pioneer Woman, Momma Harriet Tubman and her network of secret passageways that led to the promise land. Getting inside this building had a familiar feeling. Without crazy slaves masters on the hunt, that is. I digress. Back on the topic of location, which actually wasn’t released until the day of the event. We arrived and pulled up to a collection of buildings. Not knowing where exactly to go, we followed a few familiar faces up a couple flights of stairs and to the entrance. After a knock, the door opened to low lights inside a happening suite, simply but elegantly decorated for tasting some good food from a few dope individuals. After letting them know that 'You People Reviews' was in the building we were given tickets for a later drawing, grabbed a cocktail, and headed to our table.


The Showdown

Now back to what you’ve been waiting for. The Showdown! Round one, the appetizer incorporating Flaming Hot Cheetos. We were presented with a few yummy choices but Chef Traci’s smoked catfish nachos with a delicious Hot Cheeto sauce and a sprinkle of finger licking Cheeto dust to top it off took over my heart, like immediately. The entrée round involved transforming Ramen noodles. We all have tried to spice up ramen with various ingredients. My favorite things to add to ramen are shrimp and green onion. I can throw shrimp and green onion into almost anything and feel like I’ve made a gourmet meal. If there was a most creative award, it would have gone to Chef Jeremy for his skillet noodle pizza. Y’all, he made a pizza crust out of ramen, talk about kudos. But again, my taste buds went on a wild ride with Chef Traci’s shrimp twisted noodle. Like we previously mentioned, putting shrimp in noodles (or anything else) you just can’t go wrong! The final course, dessert featuring sugary Saturday morning goodness, cereal. Once again Chef Traci came out on top with her cheesecake shots. This taster came with a shot of Brandy and a Cinnamon Toast Crunch crust. Some downed the shot first then ate the cheesecake and vice-versa. I mixed a little into the cheesecake and then partook. I literally tried to get every cheesecake particle out of that little glass, it was that good.


The Wrap-up

As we jotted down final comments, picked an overall favorite, and turned in our scorecards, our ears were blessed with the musical stylings of Dallas artist Monique Renee (@Moniquereneetx) and guitarist Felix Tellez. She had the room rocking with covers of ‘Rockabye’ by Clean Bandit and got funky with DJ Khaled’sWild Thoughts.’ After the beautiful performance, the winner was revealed. Chef Traci blew it out of the water with a unanimous vote for overall favorite and won 500 smackaroos. Before things wrapped up, we scrabbled to gather the tickets given upon entrance for the drawing. Unfortunately YPR’s pockets didn’t get fatter that night, but our belly’s definitely did. After pictures and meeting and greeting, the night ended with gratitude and a lovely goodie bag containing the Little Debbie snack “makeover”, a Big Debra oatmeal pie that was to die for. This was the PERFECT night out. Follow @thecutshowdown for details on their next event!