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With April Nicole
Monday, September 30, 2019 3:40 PM

Music Ain’t Dead, It’s Just Wrapped in GOLD

By: April Nicole

As a Connoisseur of Hip-Hop I fancy all types of artists. As a Texan I am prone to be biased to local talent however every once in a while, an oddball catches my attention.

I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive listening party hosted by Legna Media Group introducing one of its artist: Asshole in Gold. A slim fella with a convincing swag, gold fangs and a nerdy look. I had no idea by his looks that I was in for such a treat.

I sat back and listened to the EP ‘ITS ASSHOLE’ track after track along with record label executives, attorneys and music enthusiasts. The time seemed to stand still as the melodic tunes coupled with the Southern drawl most closely compared to Andre 3000 of Outkast had everyone head bobbing.

Bringing the last song to completion was the feature by Dallas’ own Erykah Badu. Replays were requested and the synonymous thumbs up made us all honorary members of the ‘Fang Gang’

‘ITS ASSHOLE’ hasn’t been released yet. Until then check out  his latest single ‘Brittany’ on all streaming platforms.