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With April Nicole
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 11:30 PM

Life After Death: The Birth of BeatMaster Productions

By: April Nicole

Not many of us get a second chance at life. Typically we all come into this world and we get one shot at it. Some live their whole lives chasing something that they never achieve while others leave the Earth prematurely and leave loved ones to mourn their loss. Then God created Derrick Bradshaw

I was rocking in VIP to the tunes of Young Jeezy when I saw two gentlemen walking my way. They looked lost and like they didn’t belong. Intrigued I approached them. One of the gentlemen introduced himself as D Shaw. He had the kindest eyes that revealed a deeper story within. I gave him my card and advised that we should do business. Little did I know what was about to unfold.

Upon our initial conversations we discussed business and what services I could offer. A past and present music producer looking to get his name in the wind that had been to L.A., sat in green rooms with R&B sensations such as Tyrese, and received accolades from Rock & Soul Legend Little Richard. All roads led to victory until one day he was headed to an album release party in Bastrop, LA his hometown-life took an ominous turn. The victorious individual that sat before me with such joy had taken a severe unplanned detour.

The moment in time when he lay on the opposite side of the freeway than he was traveling with his wife and son and whispered to God to spare his life so that he could make music was when his life took a massive turn.

The next season of his life includes him overcoming being a quadriplegic, starting several successful businesses and returning to his first love: Music.

Well versed in writing and producing BeatMaster Productions launched by Mr. Shaw who likes to remain in the shadows is positioned in an upward motion towards stardom. With the tenacity of an overcomer BMP uses all of its past experience and industry connections to create melodic tunes that bring a needed addition in today’s realm of auto-tunes and short-lived one hit wonders.


For more information about BeatMaster Productions visit the website www.abeatmasterproduction.com