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With April Nicole
Tuesday, January 05, 2016 9:18 PM

From the PACT I made to the PACK I follow: All Churched Out to Redeemed

By: April Nicole

A few years ago I did a show titled “All Churched out and nowhere to run so I ran to You”. The “You” was referencing God. I spoke into the microphone quivering through tears and emotions with a studio full of guests.  I gave my testimony of how I had come to a point in which I was done with the church. A powerful statement coming from an individual that has two parents in ministry and had grown up under organized religion. From the hymns of the Catholics, the by-laws of the Baptists and the cultism of the mega-church I was exhausted.


The next two years of my life I spent searching…for God, for understanding and for a church home. My zeal for God never diminished  even though the mega church led me to believe that I would soon fall deep into sin without it’s guiding, I still pressed forward. On the contrary I wanted a deeper more meaningful relationship with Christ that would quench the thirst I had to change the world. I needed a place to guide me to my destiny that I so desperately sought after. I needed a game-changing ministry.


A career change  and a young man with a kind smile and kindred spirit led me to visit Bridge Builders International Church under the leadership of then Pastor Johnasen L. Pack. A quaint little ministry nestled in Arlington, TX that caught me off guard. At first glance the dancing and shouting led me to believe that I was entering familiar mundane territory where you turned around three times and expected your whole life to change.  The more prodding I did-visiting on a weekly basis, the more sensitive I became. I needed this place, and this leadership. It became apparent through each week’s teaching that this was this missing puzzle piece to me discovering my destiny.


Dr. Pack, now ordained as an Apostle due to his planting many successful ministries introduced me to many life-changing principles. Since joining #TeamBBIC my life has completely transformed. The connections that have come through being under his leadership are indicative of the message that is the foundation of the ministry: Helping People Rediscover their original God Given Purpose.


The vision of the ministry: God’s people walking in wholeness and living on purpose is confirmed in my own testimony. Now a successful entrepreneur, writer for multiple publications and media maven my life has taken a drastic turn for the better. Still a work in progress I look forward to weekly teachings and supporting the vision of the humble leader that more than supports us all.


In two years I had my own Damascus road experience. God removed the scales from my eyes through simulation Lasik surgery-my surgeon was Apostle Johnasen L. Pack. I’m just one member with a story. While I understand that you are unique as well as your purpose I can guarantee you that one visit at Bridge Builders will change your perspective if not your life forever.


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