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With April Nicole
Thursday, March 03, 2016 5:38 PM

Captivating the Dallas Music Scene: PBZE T.O. Why You Should Be the First to Pronounce His Name

By: April Nicole

Quality music often slips under the radar of top music executives. With the influx of individuals that are seeking stardom when good music surfaces it tends to get lost in the shuffle. Then a miracle occurs and you meet an artist that is so dynamic that you are commanded to listen.

Defying all of the modern day rules of mediocrity and music without meaning Pbze T.O. (pronounced Pee-beez-e T.O.) has built a solid foundation of wordplay and melodies while keeping a calm demeanor. His musical style is unmatched and though geographically he resides in Dallas, TX his native roots from Magnolia, AR drive his gentleman like swag.

His new EP “Up There” that highlights his soulful voice followed up by his lyrical skills is just another example of consistency. Being supported by ‘Go Hard Music’ that has been instrumental in delivering flagship artists, winning Grammys and developing long standing relationships in Dallas and abroad, the music and the artistry speaks for itself.

Previously pursued by Legendary Rap Artist The D.O.C. and producers Play and Skillz, Pbze T.O. was co-signed by Slim of the R&B group 112 and is currently working with Producer Slikk who has produced for Ariana Grande.

Now you can escape the frenzy of being bombarded by starving artists at a gas station and take an exclusive look into Pbze T.O. while taking the opportunity to access his music before he reaches heights in which he will be untouchable. Artists of this magnitude never stand still, ask Jay Z, Kanye or Drake.

I named the greats as an example only to solidify that Pbze T.O. is in transition and is becoming an artist that will land his name among the greats. Just make sure that you learn how to pronounce his name correctly….


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Instagram: @pbzeto