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With April Nicole
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 3:14 PM

Colonel Loud Makes Noise as He Takes the Lead in Giving Raleigh, NC Style

By: April Nicole

Most popularly known for his hit single “California” hip-hop artist Colonel Loud has taken the lead in giving this holiday season. Soon after finishing a charity basketball game and a school visitation for Diabetes Awareness in Dallas, TX he arrived back in his hometown of Raleigh, NC and kept the spark going. Sponsoring a toy drive with K97.5’s Brian Dawson and Toys for Tots, the Colonel purchased toys for the less fortunate and handed them out to listeners selected by the radio station.


To keep the momentum going, Colonel Loud continued the giving spree throughout the month of December.  Taking his act on the several toy drives with local stations were scheduled for Monday December 19th in Columbia, SC followed by a concert and Wednesday December 21st with CHOICE 92.1.


The most awe-inspiring gift of the season was the artist’s decision to give away free features. On Tuesday December 20th from 12-8 PM independent artists had the opportunity to schedule a session at Audio Box studios and not only meet the rising star but record a track.


Ending 2016 on a positive note and trending as one of the top newcomers Colonel Loud is creating the standard for artists in 2017 and beyond. His recent decision to partner with the ELO Group LLC who is leading the race in branding artists by creating and managing charitable events inclusive of the hip-hop community proves to be a step in the right direction. Colonel Loud is definitely the artist to keep your eyes on for the upcoming year. Releasing his new mixtape “Plug Talk 2” in early December his music sets him apart as an artist that is creating music not only for the moment but for the future.

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