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With April Nicole
Thursday, November 03, 2016 11:22 AM

Dear Bosses: Let’s Discuss LEADERSHIP

By: April Nicole

It was my 11th grade year at Warren Travis White high school in Dallas, TX. I had previously been initiated (similar to a sorority) into the only African-American spirit group-L.S.C. which stood for Longhorn Spirit Corporation and now I was running for president. As I successfully was named the new leader going into my senior year I had the pleasure of sharing my office with my best friend who was voted as Vice President.

During our senior year we were able to make history by bringing a classy African-American presence to the pep-rally’s that had been previously run by majority Caucasian organizations. Our sponsor was a member of the Delta Sigma Theta organization and she made sure that I led the group with the highest standards. Little did I know that this experience in leadership would be the catalyst to the journey of my future.

The word “boss” has been thrown around so loosely by individuals, mainly African-American women that love the attention and the notoriety but fail to prepare for the shift in their character that is most important in being a leader. Boss is a word that gives a title, leadership is a lifestyle.

Dominated by the male population to date women in leadership have taken a strong lead in the past 5 years. Noted as the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America by Fortune magazine in June of 2015, African-American women are pacing as number one contenders.

With these positive statistics we have a mandate to provide a spirit of excellence. This is an area that most do not focus on. The “Mad black woman” that has been thrusted into this new lifestyle has residue that is leaving a strong impression amongst others and we need a resolution.

Being labeled a boss is good but haling as leader is great! Lifting out standards to present ourselves absent of the stereotypical bitchy ways will keep us leading for many decades to come.

As a part of this population I pride myself in caring for those that I lead and working overtime to handle my competitors as well as clients in a way that my impression will be one that leaves a pleasant aroma. The “bosses” that over post on Instagram with meme’s overstating their statuses only add to the facts that we are missing the characterization that solidify us as leaders.

So share this story with a “boss” and let’s work together to become better leaders.