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With April Nicole
Monday, April 30, 2018 11:03 AM


By: April Nicole

“I know Obama was Heaven-sent But ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President” The first lyrics from the controversial new song by Kanye West featuring T.I. have already stirred up a national conversation. The Hip-Hop artist that performed “Jesus Walks” on the Grammy Awards and said that “George Bush doesn’t like black people” during the tumultuous hurricane Katrina storm that impacted our community tremendously was the voice of our people. Now the opinions of our people have shifted.

During my morning drive I was listening to Veda Loca and the morning team of 97.9 the Beat. Veda played the song twice and allowed callers to voice their opinions of the song live. As I listened to ‘our people’ crucify a man based on his opinions I was astonished and somewhat disappointed.

Some callers highlighted his political comments-which theoretically were not those of support of the Republican Party but highlighted the fact that politics is not black and white, there are gray areas. His message which seems to be over shadowed by negativity is that of unity and love.

Kanye has spoken very openly about his “Sunken Place” which he describes as the place that made him a new loving individual that wants to face the person responsible for his mother’s death. He has tweeted messages fueled with passion yet the perspectives of the average have painted him out to be delusional.

As a survivor of my own ‘Sunken Place’ I too have emerged with opinions and ideologies that most would not agree with. Being in a place of solitude that is forced upon you by deep hurt either makes you or breaks you. Honestly it breaks you first THEN if you allow the strength to emerge you out of the rubble you are reborn.

The Black Community can be the most critical, wishy-washy and condemning individuals in the nation. Speaking as a black woman who was rejected by black girls at a young age I decided a long time ago that I would not only be supportive of my own people but I would love those unconditionally that loved me when no one else would.

For Kanye, Kim Kardashian the figurative nemesis of black women is the woman who has held him down throughout this process and so now KANYE DOESN’T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. Well did he like black people when he said the exact same thing to George Bush?

We have got to come to a more open-minded place so that the next generation can see through lenses of love. As a black woman that can identify with the verse “You ain't never seen nothing crazier than this n**** when he off his Lexapro.” From The Life of Pablo I know the Sunken Place very well. As I pulled myself out of a deep hole that no one knew I was in I came out stronger, wiser and much more opinionated…..most importantly it created GREATNESS #StayTuned