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With April Nicole
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:41 AM

ANOTHER FALLEN STAR: Fast Cars, Bible Study and the Chic that Almost Fell Prey to Joseph Randle

By: April Nicole

The Dallas Cowboys are no stranger to making headlines especially those that land them in trouble with the law. Joseph Randle is no exception to this trend. As you may recall he was arrested for stealing underwear and cologne in 2014. He was dropped from The Dallas Cowboys roster in November and most recently has made headlines for his arrest on Sunday morning where he was booked on drug possession, battery and criminal damage in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas.

Ironically a good girlfriend of mine met him in Valley Ranch a few months earlier at a stoplight. He asked her out on a date and she accepted. The same evening they had dinner and he asked her to attend bible study with him afterward. Seeming harmless and unaware of his background she accepted.

The Dodge Challenger he was driving peeled off heading South on George Bush Turnpike towards Arlington with the young lady on the passenger side. As they approached traffic Joseph seemed to be annoyed and decided to drive on the guardrail reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour. Puzzled and alarmed she kept her cool and sent me a text just in case things went sour and she needed an escape.

They arrived at the ILC (International Life Centre) Church for bible study. A warm inviting congregation located in Arlington, TX. This is the church that Joseph Randle called his home while he was living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and a part of the Dallas Cowboys football team. During service he went up to the front and participated in service by playing the drums. All seemed well with Mr. Randle according to my friend outside of the impatient arrival.

After bible study concluded he attempted to get the young lady to go back to his place for drinks. She declined and thought it odd to leave bible study and have drinks after such a wonderful message that they had received. When she decided to Google Randle she became aware of his past and decided not to continue contact with him.

His unfortunate demise as a football player is an all too familiar story amongst young black males coincidentally even more common for players that have been a part of the Dallas Cowboys roster. His recent run in with the law claims that he ran over 3 people in a disturbance in his hometown when he was asked to leave a housewarming party.

Best Wishes to Joseph Randle. At the ripe age of 24 years old his football career seems to be a thing of the past but he still has time to get his life back on track. Hopefully this will be his wake up call.