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With April Nicole
Monday, March 21, 2016 4:32 PM

Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez Blazes the Stage at Spring Fest 2016

By: April Nicole

As Dallas, TX dropped its temperature twenty degrees Spring Fest 2016 hosted by 97.9 the Beat in partnership with LegnA Media and Rich Life Dynasty heated up Gas Monkey Live with a starting line-up and finished with a Boy Wonder that left the crowd with excitement.

The anticipation of the first concert of the spring was built on heavy promotions from the partners who have been instrumental in bringing acts such as Young Jeezy and Ludacris to town and delivering shows that have gained them popularity amongst heavy hitters in the music industry. Their opening acts were well received and are now sparking recognition and increasing their following.  Make sure you take notice: AP Wade, Keith Jacobs, Anonymous Culture, Pbze T. O., Celebrity, and Shy Speaks all notably solidified as Dallas’ premiere talent.

97.9 The Beat did not disappoint with its leading act-Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. Most popularly known for his hit song “Say It” he performed at full capacity belting out song after song only taking a moment to throw a little “friendly fire” regarding his comparison to singer Bryson Tiller. His high energy, distinct lyrics and fearlessness captivated the audience-so much so that they welcomed him with open arms as he threw himself into their arms to be carried in the air-Rock Star style!

Like most attendees I woke up chanting “Diego, Diego” which was Tory’s last song of the night. In the song’s lyrics he refers to himself as the new Tony Montana and from the confidence he exudes he may just be the new sensation to hold the Canadian rap title.