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With April Nicole
Monday, September 05, 2016 12:43 PM

When the Bough Breaks: Not Just Another Predictable Flick

By: April Nicole

If you are a part of Generation X then you should be familiar with the suspenseful drama from the 90’s “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle” where an in home babysitter turned madwoman overstepped her boundaries. The blonde bitter beauty came into the home and turned it upside down. This was the first movie of its kind and has been the staple for psycho-thrillers involving beauties and babies.


Then Jack Olsen’s screenplay When the Bough Breaks a Screen Gems release through Sony Pictures Entertainment started creating a huge buzz with a starring cast: Morris Chestnut who is also Executive Producer, the talented Regina Hall and a newbie that sets the stage for a psychotic turn of events Jaz Sinclair.


Movie-goers should not take the trailer and commercials lightly and site this as another repeat of its predecessors. This movie is filled with surprises and writers left all of the thrills to the anticipation of the movie buffs.


When asked about his Executive Production of the movie at the Media Press Junket, Morris Chestnut stated that he enjoys the production side but will not be leaving ladies without the eye candy that they look forward too.


The highly anticipated film introduces new comer to the screen Dallas, TX native Jaz Sinclair whose character Anna goes from perfect surrogate to psychotic as her pregnancy progresses. Her fixation with character John Taylor played by Morris Chestnut only intensifies when she witnesses the life that Laura Taylor played by Regina Hall enjoys as a young professional and doting wife. Anna possesses the one thing that the couple needs and wants: their child.


Having not viewed the complete movie but being privy to production notes I will say that audiences will be pleasantly surprised and I look forward to viewing this thriller in its entirety.


Make sure to mark your calendars for the Premiere of When the Bough Breaks September 9th in theaters everywhere.

Check out the Official Trailer: