Dallasblack.com: Bernie Mac’s Widow, Rhonda Mac, Releases Documentary ‘I Ain’t Scared of You’
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bernie Mac’s Widow, Rhonda Mac, Releases Documentary ‘I Ain’t Scared of You’

By: rollingout.com

Bernie Mac’s Widow, Rhonda Mac, Releases Documentary ‘I Ain’t Scared of You’
When the late, great comedian Bernie Mac talked about his family life in his comedy shows, or referenced his wife in interviews, he — unlike so many others — didn’t make a mockery of marriage and he made it appoint to express admiration for his wife, Rhonda . To the contrary Mac spoke highly of his wife of 30 years, and in a recent interview with Mac’s widow, rolling out she allowed us an intimate look at the couple’s life.

 It quickly became evident in our conversation with Rhonda Mac, that not only does she continue to honor her late husband, she also a spring well of inspiration and a driving force behind the beloved Mac’s phenomenal success.

On being in Mac’s corner …

I’ve always been supportive of him, but I can remember the time he told he wanted to quit his job as a driver at Wonder Bread and do [comedy] full time. I looked at him and said “Oh no. You’re not gonna quit your job. … But as the years went on, and he said, “Rhonda I can do it. I need to do it,” I could see in his eyes that it was what he really wanted, so I “Do what you need to do, if I have to I’ll get a second job and we’ll be alright.”

How life changed with success …

I remember when the success really came … I was still working as a nurse at the time and I had three paychecks in my purse. I said at that point, “well we done made it,” because I wasn’t worried about cashing those checks.

Life after Bernie Mac’s death …

Oh my God, it changed tremendously. He was my world, he was my life.

I had been with him since I was 16, … I couldn’t imagine what my life was gonna be now that I wasn’t his wife. … But I do know the Lord and he’s helped me get through it.

I’m doing okay now.

On untimely deaths in the entertainment industry …

That life is a really hard life to be in… you have people at your beck and call to do anything you want. You have to have a homebase to keep you centered and grounded. But what Bernard did, is he always came home. He never stayed out and hung out at the after parties, once the movie wrapped or the show was over he always flew back home. Bernard got his career and his stardom later in life. He had already been married 15 years before he got it so we were already grounded in our relationship.

Other projects …

On Feb. 21 we released the I Ain’t Scared of You: A Tribute to Bernie Mac because he was so great and to document his journey. It’s wonderful and our daughter Je’Niece did the interviews. And the Bernie Mac Foundation is doing great too. We partnered with the University of Illinois and pulmonologists to find a cure for Sarcoidosis. There are just a lot of great things going on right now. God has blessed me with another good man, and we married a year ago.  I’m doing just fine.

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