Dallasblack.com: Cardi B Is Still Upset As She Addresses Her Drama With Azealia Banks & More On Social Media — Receipts Inside


Thursday, May 17, 2018 12:13 PM

Cardi B Is Still Upset As She Addresses Her Drama With Azealia Banks & More On Social Media — Receipts Inside

By: Monya Fleming

Cardi B Is Still Upset As She Addresses Her Drama With Azealia Banks & More On Social Media — Receipts Inside
Cardi B, who is seven months pregnant with her first child, has been embroiled in a nasty social media spat with trouble-maker Azealia Banks. The "Bartier Cartier" rapper has now revealed her label offered her 'media training', which she shut down fast! 

Azealia took aim at Cardi in an interview with the "Breakfast Club", referring to her as an "illiterate, untalented rat" and "caricature of a black woman."

She proceeded to throw shade at the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, suggesting the "intelligent conversation surrounding black women's culture" ended when Cardi came onto the music scene.

Cardi hit back at Banks' remarks, stating that she is intelligent and refuses to be someone else other than the person she is.

(See it full below): 

But now she’s back on Twitter defending herself.
In now deleted tweets, Cardi clapped back at a critic who agreed with Azealia and even revealed that she decided against getting media training.

The fan who agreed with Banks, tweeting, "Azealia Banks read Cardi B down and told not one lie. Cardi B you are a cartoon character. You sale (sic) a stereotypical image of black women from the hood. I enjoy Cardi B music but ya'll know Azealia Banks' argument is valid."

Cardi clapped back at the comment, also revealing that Atlantic had offered her media training.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper responded to the fan, writing, "Me being quit, Me speaking like a First Lady, Me not being able to express myself will be a cartoon version of myself because that's not me. You mean to tell me cause I'm not dark enough I can't act how I act? This is me! Before and after fame!"

Cardi went on to write, "I don't sale nothing but myself! Before fame I act like this. In school I act like this. In the strip club I act like this. I am myself! If I was dark skin, light skin, purple...I will be like this as well. If you think I'm a character, fine! But I am myself and won't apologize for it."

The pregnant rapper continued to vent, tweeting, "And one more thing. I'm not the greatest in English but one thing I made sure was to finish High School and I also went to college. I'm very intelligent with things that I'm interested in like history and science. I know how to make, save, and flip money!"

She adds, "And you are stereotyping yourself. So every black woman acts like they from the hood? I don't wake up every morning like 'I'm going to act like a black ghetto person." Wake up acting like myself!!! twitter.com/blueivysister."

#HUPoll Should #CardiB take a media training or do you think she’s fine just the way she is? 👇🏾

Fans weighed in on the news Atlantic had suggested Cardi get a little training on dealing with the media.

Some fans want Cardi to stay true to herself and not change due to fame, while others believe she needs media skills.

One supporter wrote, "She is who she is. People need to get that through their heads and leave her alone. Most of you don’t know how to correctly use there, their and they’re but have the nerve to address her as illiterate. It’s social media you don’t like her don’t follow her!"

Another agreed, writing, "She’s perfectly fine the way she is! She’s real [expletive]. Media training to be a robot and polished like everyone else! Nope! I respect her more for who she is and she is not illiterate she is an accomplished person and successful and you don’t become a platinum selling artist being dumb! Period!"

Cardi GIF #cardib #belcalisalmanzar #invasionofprivacy #trap #gif

Others think Cardi should take the chance to improve herself and accept the media training.

One social media user commented, "Listen to yourself. That is like saying they hired me this way I don’t need to learn anything or be trained. In whatever career you pick, you will have to learn skills and this one is her biggest opportunity. She didn’t have any problem fixing her teeth?"

Do you think Cardi needs media training?

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